• Antergos with KDE Plasma on VirtualBox freezes

    Hi all,

    one of my virtual machines (VirtualBox) with Antergos and KDE Plasma lately suddenly freezes without obvious reason. I tried with both kernel, linux and linux-lts, the same. I’ve reinstalled the virtualbox-guest-dkms also the same. At least I can still open a tty.

    How can I locate what is causing the freeze?

  • journalctl -b -0
  • It happened again.
    I have attached the output of

    # journalctl -b -0

    as well as the output of:

    # dmesg | grep fail

    There is 1 error in the first one (about XCB error) and 3 errors (about NMI watchdog, acpi and vboxsf) in the second one.

    Not sure, but I think the culprit is vboxsf which is related to the Guest Additions. I’ve done some research and I found these tickets on virtualbox.org:
    although I don’t use 3D option.

    What can I do next?

    I shoud have checked if a process is causing the freeze. Actually the last freeze happened after I opened postman. But again not sure if this was really the culprit…

    1_1540297229098_Antergos_Error_Screenshot_20181023_133627.png 0_1540297229097_Antergos_Error_Screenshot_20181023_133627a.png

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