• Antergos installer.. Antergos harder than Arch?

    I am currently having a problem installing antergos.

    I got several error just trying to install a fresh install.

    First and biggist problem:
    Antergos Installer - Error
    ‘Cannot create download package list (metalinks).’
    Please reference the following number when reporting this error:


    Thats all I am getting up, no number to reference to or nothing, it just locks up.
    Here is terminal output:

    Next problem I am facing was when choosing mirrors.
    There are 3 options:

    • Let Cnchi sort the mirrors list (recommended) — Freezes up when its auto trying to pick its mirror, waited 1 hour.
    • Leave the mirrors list as they are (by default) — Is the one I have been choosing as I get the furthest
    • Let me manage the mmirrors list (advanced) — Whatever I pick and click the forward/next button nothing happens

    Termianl output for option 3:

    Terminal output for 1 option when it locks up:

    Hope I can get some help, cause this is frustrating, should not be this difficult installing a fresh install with a installer…

  • @lebh See my thread about this problem. It is currently a bug in the installation (version 18.9).
    The fix posted in my thread by kamprad fixed the problem for me.


  • Yeah, that worked, Thanks so much :)

    It sucks a bit that they haven’t pulled the installer, or tested this, had an antergos problem like this in the past as well.

  • @lebh Antergos is developed by a group of 3 mostly, and a sparetime project ;)
    But it “act” like a big Distro in what you get out of it…

    Contribute! Donate! Spread the word!

    –> or keep calm!

  • @joekamprad Having said that KillaJoe, you are doing a great job, especially in this forum, a great one-man show. Chapeau.

  • thanks for the flowers! @nihadnagi
    killajoe is my old nick… but still present

    I am only a lieutenant who tries to keep devs backs free that’s my way to contribute to Antergos.

    I do also help out on development where i can, but i am not that deep into programming itself.

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