• FFmpeg NVENC Support?

    After two days worth of configuration, downloads, compilation, etc. I’ve almost got my system working essentially perfectly, with one exception;

    NVENC doesn’t work, either in SimpleScreenRecorder:
    [BaseEncoder::Init] Error: Can't open codec!
    [PageRecord::StartOutput] Error: Something went wrong during initialization.

    …Or OBS (log file attached here, but tl;dr: [NVENC encoder: 'recording_h264'] Failed to open NVENC codec: Unknown error occurred

    From a few hours of searching, I’ve gathered that the methods are mixed, but a common thread seems to involve installing the cuda package, compiling the latest NVIDIA Video SDK with AUR package nvidia-sdk, and then installing the AUR package ffmpeg-full-nvenc (despite the standard FFmpeg package stating it supports NVENC fine, as shown in the OBS log). However, regardless of using the AUR or the original arch packages, and having the SDK installed from the package listed, the end results are literally the same.

    Configuration (in case it’s necessary):
    Intel i7 4790k w/ 16GB RAM
    (ZOTAC AMP!) NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, running NVIDIA package 396.54 (via nvidia-dkms or nvidia-ck)
    Installed using Antergos 18.9, running xfce4 w/ linux-ck kernel (4.18.6)

    (Side note: FFmpeg and associated apps functions normally with the CPU encoders, i.e. h264 or x264 – it’s only nvenc that’s causing issues)

  • @joekamprad This really doesn’t tell me anything I don’t know – I already have the nvidia-utils package installed with the mainline ffmpeg package as well, and other than that, nothing of note’s being said.

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