• LightDM Antergos Webkitgreeter2 Picture slideshow question

    So, I’m trying to setup https://github.com/antergos/web-greeter
    and it works it can see the pictures, I can change them on the login screen.
    what I’m trying to figure out is how to get it to display a random image each time it starts.
    which the wiki says is possible but doesn’t state how to do it

    I read the Documentation and I read the Wiki for lightDM
    but I could not find the awnser any help is greatly appreciated

  • Still trying to find the answer on how it can change pictures on each startup if someone can let me know I would be quite happy.

  • I found a solution using the Material theme for Webkit2
    the fix can also be found on the Arch Wiki for LightDM

  • good find!
    thanks for your investigation!

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