• Installation Error

    0_1536321196175_Screenshot from 2018-09-07 11-48-33.png how to fix this?

  • 0_1536321291866_Screenshot from 2018-09-07 11-48-54.png fdisk-l

  • @joekamprad there are many partitions so i deleted my 2 partitions in windows then all done @nihadnagi helped me

  • @joekamprad There were 4 partitions already on the hard disk,so there was no way for the installer to create another,we sliced & diced it, the installation completed successfully. I think this can be safely closed, its your call

  • I think that a prerequisite of 3 or less partitions on a hard-disk can be added to the above mentioned wiki would be the added value of this topic. Just a thought

  • you have also gparted on the liveiso to delete partitions before install ;)

  • @joekamprad
    Well officer, here are my 2 cents:

    1. GParted wouldn’t do the trick in that case, here is the output of GParted on @Rusiru HD.


    This HD had Sun’s zfs, is a combined LVM and FS,GParted didn’t know anything about it, because it uses FS and not physical blocks, on the other hand, here is the output of list blocks:


    If I wanted to partition from Linux, I would have used parted or even better cfdisk. When the job is HARDware, GUI is a boy while CLI is the man. You know better officer, “Never send a boy to do a man’s job”.

    1. It’s always safer to use the present OS (unluckily windows)to do the job than the on-the fly OS or the To-be OS, because the present OS has the right chipset and hence the SATA drivers, windows is not different on the fly, installing a fresh windows on a OEM machine, it would require you to load the drivers,for the SATA drive before it can do any partitioning or even install. Even if that’s not the case, it wouldn’t work for the following reason.
    2. We needed to extend the C or the windows, if we did it with GParted or any linux CLI, the first is the boot flag which is available in linux, and to which any linux operation, bloody MS doesn’t identify the boot with a flag anymore, but with the text “Active”, so boot is not a boolean flag to MS, but string(5) and must contain Active, that’s why on fdisk on windows, set active is a command now, and not an attribute flag, add to all this the UID that most linux cmds does, which MS detects.

    So, in a nutshell, GParted would only deal nicely with any thing that doesn’t belong to the pirate of the silicon valley. That brings us to the reason am here now, and on linux for a decade :)


  • @joekamprad Forgive any typos, while the numbers are my talking points, that I usually write first

  • @nihadnagi no regrets ;)

    i do not get that partition is a ZFS one before, so thats the reason also, some properitary filesystem…

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