• Considering installing Antergos, just a quick question.

    I have recently switched over from Windows 10 to Manjaro (with prior experience with various distros a few years ago). In my research I heard of Antergos and was attracted to it because of the ease of installation in contrast to Arch which I eventually really want to get into. I was wondering however if when doing the install of Antergos, it will still give the slim install that Arch would… in the sense that when one does an Arch install, it is almost like it is tailored to their system to get the best performance. Is this the same, or is it close to that, but not as much?

    I apologize if this seems an ignorant question, but I am and have been relearning a LOT of stuff in this last week. In the past before Windows 7 was a thing, I had always been intrigued by Gentoo and related distros. And while I know Arch/Antergos/Manjaro are not Gentoo, these seem to appeal to me much more.

    Thank you for your time and patience. :-)

  • Welcome to Antergos In my system with KDE runs just fine. I am very pleased…and very nice your nickname 😀😀😀

  • I run Antergos with Openbox but still it isn’t as “slim” as my Arch installation (with Xfce, LXDE, and Openbox) even after I’ve removed some things from Antergos. But the Antergos installation feels just as fast as the Arch installation. To the OP, I highly recommend trying Antergos, especially since you say you eventually want to “get into” Arch. I like having both installed here; “contrast-and-compare” often leads to good insights.

  • @harrykane140693
    Well Antergos is much like Arch, although it has a graphical installer and an additional set of packages.

    Installing a minimum set of stuff, i.e. no graphical Desktop is probably the closest you get to Arch. After that it is up to you which desktop to use (or not).

    I’m using Xfce as a desktop, and it is quite fast and light, and very versatile too. And you can install apps from other desktops, almost always they work as expected.

  • @harrykane140693 I switched from AVLinux to Antergos about a year ago and I’m testing the Gentoo and FreeBSD waters. But as far as every day, Antergos has been my favorite Arch friendly distro. It does the simple audio and video editing I need to do, record, write, film, and entertainment. It even has an open port of Morrowind!

    I’m running Cinnamon and been meaning to test drive Plasma.

  • I’ve used Arch, Manjaro, and now just installed Antergos. I also have another computer using GalliumOS (Ubuntu-based). “Lightweight” is not a concern for me, I just don’t want to faff about with docks and floating icons.

    I have installed Gentoo, it’s really not noticeably faster for average use and you can always compile your own software if you want anyway.

    Manjaro is great, but it has its own little quirks, like putting configuration files in slightly different places, which is really annoying when you need to fix something and get back to work. Some of their distro-specific packages would occasionally break everything on upgrade, and minor config issues were semi-common with AUR packages.

    The only very serious issues I had in Manjaro, besides things like graphics and once or twice other devices breaking after updates, were entirely with Thunar, and it behaves the same on GalliumOS. Mostly file transfer and hotplug/eject issues. I did have a number of minor, annoying, time-consuming issues where I couldn’t rely on the Arch documentation because Manjaro wanted to be different, though I can’t remember specific ones at the moment.

    I only used XFCE, so I can’t say much about the other desktops. I’m trying Openbox on Antergos now, it seems OK so far.

    I like Antergos so far. It didn’t do anything weird with the install as far as I can tell, and I was probably going to install most of the stuff cnchi did anyway. Cnchi let me install to a fairly unusual drive configuration and it worked 99%, I just had to modify a little bit of boot stuff. There’s no way Calamares would have done it correctly.

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