• Installing KDE

    I am trying the last days to install KDE in a friends laptop. But it always show the message “cannot download packages” or something like that. What can i do?

  • May a problem with current mirror settings inside installer, and the wrong choosen options…

    What exactly do you choose on install process? let mirrors as the are, or let cnchi choose and rank them?

    Also may caused by extra options you are choosing on the menu (advanced maybe?)

  • @joekamprad i try with both options. And i choose chromium and aur.

  • I also try with the same settings to install XFCE. And it was OK. With the KDE only its the problem

  • 2018-09-01 06:15:54 [ERROR] metalink.py(125) create(): Can't find these packages: kde-l10n-en_gb

    we find a again a BUG for KDE install: @developers

    seems some code still calling kde-l10n-XX_XX packages to get on the list…

    cnchi-log: https://ptpb.pw/1QjX

  • 2018-09-01 06:15:03 [DEBUG] select_packages.py(243) select_packages(): Adding kde desktop packages
    2018-09-01 06:15:03 [DEBUG] select_packages.py(263) select_packages(): Selected kde language pack: kde-l10n-en_gb
  • How long it takes to solve usually the problems?

  • This post is deleted!
  • mostly depending on when devs get free time to get into the problem, and depending on the complexity of the problem too… but do not look complicated to me.

    hopefully in between this day …

    what language do you choose on failed install?

  • My language is Greek

  • @andreasdimo79 thanks for reporting! helps a lot on getting the issue identified.

  • Dot have to thank me. To many problems lately.I hope it solves today. I am going to try in the evening!!!

  • i will report here too when devs solved it!

  • Thank you very much. Until it fixed what DE do you suggest me to install? XFCE or Cinnamon?

  • i would prefer XFCE, it more configureable and very stable.
    cinnamon is a classic GNOME feeling desktop, also nice, but imho a bit wayback in time…

  • I was thinking the same. Maybe in the end i stick with XFCE, who knows. Thank you my friend for your time. I am waiting to tell me when the KDE problem is fixed!!!

  • @andreasdimo79 you are welcome!


  • Hi,

    This is an old bug. As you might see, latest Cnchi is 0.14.475 and for some reason, you did use Cnchi 0.14.426

    I’ll check what’s wrong, but it seems that Cnchi was not updated by the iso script.

    I’ll try to find out what’s wrong. Meanwhile, you can:

    • Boot with the live ISO
    • Wait for Cnchi to open and close it.
    • Open a terminal and run:
    sudo pacman -Syy
    sudo pacman -S cnchi --force
    sudo -E cnchi

    I don’t know if --force is needed in this case, but it won’t hurt this time.

    If everything goes well, you’ll have the latest Cnchi version running.


  • @joekamprad The right word for dear welcome is παρακαλω 😀😀😀 but is nice that you try to tell it in my language!!!

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