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    Habe gerade im Newbe-Forum geposted, aber scheint irgendwie weg zu sein. Wahrscheinlich auf den falschen Knopf gedrückt …

    Ich nutze seit einer Weile Antergos Gnome (3.28.2), wirklich tolles System.

    Um die neuen noch nicht eingebauten Features von Pitivi zu testen, wollte ich die Entwickler-Version mit Flatpak installieren, und dabei habe ich folgendes Problem:

    Erst Flatpak mit sudo pacman -S flatpak installiert, und dann, wie hier beschrieben (http://developer.pitivi.org/Install_with_flatpak.html?gi-language=undefined)

    $ flatpak install --user http://flatpak.pitivi.org/pitivi-master.flatpakref

    Das geht so direkt leider nicht, ich kriege direkt die Fehlermeldung

    The Application org.pitivi.Pitivi/x86_64/master requires the org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.28 which was not found

    zu der hier bestimmt jemand etwas sagen kann (Googlen bringt leider nichts).

    Danke im Voraus

  • @idoki
    Hello and welcome to the Antergos forums!

    There can be issues when trying to install external packages, especially the latest beta versions.

    I think the best thing to do is to ask from the pitivi developers, since they have the best knowledge about the requirements of their software.

  • Thou shall not use flatpak!

  • @idoki said in Gnome / Flatpak / Pitivi:


    Pitivi (pitivi) 0.99-5 is also in community Repository, and installable over package management.
    0_1535901910930_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-09-02 17-24-59.png

  • Thx for searching ;) - I’ve already the latest (official) version installed, I just wanted to have a look at the developer one, because the 0.99 is feature-locked (1.0 STABLE release candidate), and the master-branch seems to make some new features available, like slo-motion/accelerate and keyframes for transformation properties.

    I will try to contact them via IRC (??). My first use of Polari, I just don’t know really what to do - I just see an empty chat-line - should I just ask my question and wait?? :P

  • your chatline is empty as long as you do not type ;)

    you’re join into freenode pitivi channel? it looks realy empty…

  • @joekamprad We set the channel to allow only registered users, because of spam. Maybe that’s why it looks empty, because you did not actually joined. We’re working on improving this.

    @idoki Our instructions need updating. If you’re interested in fixing them, please assign https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/pitivi/issues/2204 to you and click the Edit on GitLab link.

  • @aleb greatfully thanks for your response here!

  • 👍 ☺

    Thank you, everything works fine now! https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/pitivi/issues/2243

    (Ich hab’s als gelöst markiert, vielen Dank für die Hilfe!. Hoch lebe Antergos, hoch lebe Pitivi 😁 )

  • Das ist die Magie von Open Source🐧

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