• Qt Creator crashes when opening the manual

    are there users of Qt Creator? Since some versions the program always crashes if I want to open the manual with F1 / menu etc. Can anyone confirm that? I use Xfce but I don’t think that’s what’s causing it.

  • @noel missing dependencies, or recommended apps?

  • There is only the package qtcreator, so it should have nothing to do with missing dependencies, I think. Until some versions Qt Creator worked without any problems and before I open a bug report, I would like to know if the bug also occurs to others.

  • @noel
    I never used this package.
    Try running the program through terminal and use it, if it crashes there should be errors displayed at your terminal. Then you can use them to search for similar posts (on Antergos forum or internet itself)

  • Okay, the problem has been solved, thank you.
    If anyone has the same issue, just delete the following file.
    The bug is said to have been fixed in Qt Creator 4.80.

  • @noel
    Nice find, thanks! :)
    I think the issue has been around for some time already, but had forgotten it.

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