• HP 14-an012nr memory upgrade comments

    Dear all, I’d appreciate your comments about this RAM upgrade for my HP 14-an012nr notebook which is running Antergos with only 4GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC.
    I have updated my disk from 32GB to 250GB without any problems but the new RAM makes the computer go completely blank, nothing on the screen.
    Both modules don’t seem different except by the speed but both being low voltage and the computer manual says it supports up to 16GB …
    SODIMMs image
    SODIMMs imake link
    ** Crucial is the new memory RAM
    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated as to why this new module cannot replace the old stick,
    Thank you very much in advance!

  • There could be a number of different reasons why it doesn’t work

    A- It could be the photo, but it looks like the module isn’t clicked in correctly.

    B- Try removing both and before you do swipe your fingers against metal to prevent the modules becoming static and put them in again.

    C- (this one is not very likely) Some machines have problems with two different RAM modules, especially if the RAM modules aren’t divided equally. For example: in your case it should be 2x 8gb RAM.

    D- it’s a faulty Ram module.

  • An edit on point C

    This is most likely and not not very likely)
    Total RAM must be divided equally on each slot.

  • @ferthelet producer should give you the right specifications on what ram is working… main problem are speed
    original your HP is equipped with DDR3L‑1600 SDRAM and the cruial one looks like 1333? would be interesting to get a sharp foto of the 2 modules or exact model…

  • The manual seems to be: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05227925
    It is a PDF file, rename it as such if it doesn’t open normally.
    On page 38 there are some info about how to change memory modules.

    And the memory module should be exactly as recommended.

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