• Booting into grub console after install

    Tried the non-graphical fallback and got some interesting error output:


  • Apparently I cannot post pictures/links to pictures.

    Text was the following:

    Error loading \EFI\archiso\vmlinuz: Not Found
    Failed to execute Antergos x86_64 (Non-Graphical Fallback) (\ȨFI\archiso\vmlinuz): Not Found

    After that the screen switched to a blue screen with white text:

    Failed to start loader.efi: (14) Not Found
    ok          // button

    I created the usb stick over a month ago. Did I miss anything?

  • 0_1534960303188_liQ1v1d.jpg
    but direct upload is working over this button:
    0_1534960365238_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-22 19-52-37.png

  • @manuel said in Booting into grub console after install:

    I don’t have ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log …


    Weird, i do have the folder and log file here…

  • I am going to wipe the hdd now and install antergos alone. Windows was just for games and that can be fixed later. Hopefully selfpartitioning fixes the issues

  • Antergos works now!

    Still strange, that I was not able to keep my windows partitions. I guess the windows boot partition was just not working after editing in the mounting point.

    I will try to get back to dual boot in the future. Thanks for all the help for now!

  • https://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1696055855739350561

    Steam just announced that steam games for windows will be playable on linux as well with a specially modified wine version integrated into steam.

    What a timing :) no longer a need for windows

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