• Manual Cleaning Needed - Old dependencies / configurations files

    Hello Everyone,

    So, I was recently playing around with some Podcast / Music applications on Antergos. I installed a few different apps (Clementine, Tomahawk, Rhythmbox, etc.) before finding one I really liked and settled on. As part of this exercise, I obviously installed each one of these applications (and their dependencies and related packages) and ended up deleting them through the GUI package manager (BTW, is that Pacman as well?)

    Is it possible there is now some ‘cruft’ on my system from these applications after I removed them? When I say cruft, I mean dependencies that should have been removed with the application, old configuration files, directories, etc. that are no longer being used? Basically, I know at least from my Windows days, I would have to do a lot of manual intervention to really purge and remove all the application files, registry configurations, and make sure things were really removed properly.

    Is there a chance that this also is something I will need to do in Antergos as well? Are there old directories, configs, etc. missing that I should go in and manually remove from these music applications that I removed from my system?

    Hopefully, I am being clear in my post and questions. I am mainly wanting to keep my system working and clean as possible with no junk files that are no longer needed.

    If anyone needs any additional details or information to help clarify anything related above, please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance to everyone for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

  • mostly settings for apps under Linux are saved under your home, and we do not have such registry stuff…

    so you will find them under ~/.config directory.
    This files holding mostly your personal setting for the apps created running them as normal user.

    0_1534794308098_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-20 21-44-56.png

    some apps creating them directly inside your home ~/ like thunderbird:
    0_1534794390684_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-20 21-46-04.png

    some other also hold some files under ~/.local/share :
    0_1534794519136_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-20 21-47-40.png

    This files must be removed manually…

    It is also recommended to take a look on the pacman cache what holds older versions of packages:

    and a solution to do not have to do this manually:
    (last post)

  • Thanks @joekamprad ! =)


  • you know you are very welcome here :)

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