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    My Asus Laptop’s left click on touchpad has stopped working since a few days ago. Two finger tap occasionally works as a right click, but it has proven to be tricky. Also, the lower quarter of the left seems to be not working at all (it doesn’t left-click, as the rest of right click does) and I couldn’t find a way to fix it yet.

    I’d appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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  • Sorry, this is my first time here, and I kinda got the post wrong with all the lefts and rights. However, the page doesn’t seem to let me fix, modify, and keeps breaking the connection. I rephrase my question and apologize for asking my question here.

    The laptop’s RIGHT click is not working. LEFT is working. Double tap works as RIGHT CLICK on occasions. The rest of the RIGHT section works as LEFT click. And I want my RIGHT click back.

    Thank you.

  • @nomad The outside-of-the-solution is buying a USB mouse, if you can stand using a mouse.

    As different areas of the touch-pad is malfunctioning points to hardware failure, and getting that sorted tends to get a bit pricey.

  • @mrecks
    Well, it was working until a few days ago and so I’m guessing that one of the recent updates broke it. In any other case I’d stick with the easiest solution, for sure.

  • The forum machinery has been acting up for quite some time now, and editing is not possible.

    “Outside-of-the-box-solution”. ✍ ☺

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