• Can't Open Network or Settings to Connect to WiFi

    My computer was sitting for a while and I finally got it hooked back up again but I’m on a different WiFi network and don’t have a wired connection. I can’t run any updates because I don’t have Internet and I can’t open the settings app at all or the networks one specifically to connect to the new network.
    Also while typing this I realised I have never connected this computer to WiFi and am suddenly paranoid that it can’t so if you could throw in the commands to check that and what the entry should sort of look like, I’d appreciate it.

  • lspci -k
    ip link
    dmesg | grep firmware
  • and some info about what DE (GNOME/KDE/XFCE/CINNAMON/MATE/DEEPIN) you have installed would be helpfull…

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