• Not able to boot into system after today's update

    During today’s update the system suddenly shut down. After trying to reboot it get stuck at: Antergos/clean…

    I can open a virtual terminal but am unable to start x.
    I get something like: files are empty.

    Any suggestions What I could do to boot into the system. Otherwise I might have to reinstall the system.

  • @axioma
    How did the system “suddenly shut down”? Was it a power failure?

    If you have good backups of your data, then reinstall may the fastest way forward.

    However, if you need to save something from the disk, you could start a terminal one way or another:

    • virtual terminal
    • boot with the USB installer stick and start a terminal program

    On terminal, you can give commands to save any data you wish.

    After saving your data to some external disk, you could try normal management commands like

    • sudo pacman -Syyuu
    • sudo pacman -S linux linux-lts

    and see if they help anything. Maybe some other management commands could help, too.
    But if they don’t help, I’d suggest reinstalling Antergos (unless someone has a better idea…).

  • @manuel No, it was not a power problem. It just went ‘pooff’.
    I have been using Antergos for some years now, but this was a first. I will try your suggestions first.

  • Boot up with our LiveIso.

    mount System to /mnt

    You need to know which device is the right one check with sudo fdisk -l

    sudo su

    /dev/sdXn should be replaced with the right device information, and depending on your installation you may have or have not a seperate /boot partition. If not /boot is a folder under / on the same partition as the filesystem root.

    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt
    / root partition

    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot
    /boot partition --> without extra /boot partition you do not need this step!

    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot/efi

    the EFI-boot (fat32) partition

    arch-chroot /mnt

    then sudo pacman -Syyuu linux linux-lts

  • @joekamprad I tried this but was unable to mount anything. Got an error saying that there was nothing in fstab. Also all kinds of lib errors.

    So, I decided to reinstall the system. No big deal because /home is on a separate partition.

    Maybe I could have figured it out, but I had to go back to work asap.
    Reinstalling was the fastest solution for me this morning.

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