• liblastfm broken?


    is liblastfm-qt5 (1.1.0.r637-4) from the Antergos repo currently broken?
    I wanted to start amarok, however I get the following error:
    amarok: error while loading shared libraries: liblastfm.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    I can not easily switch to the Arch repo version because the Antergos repo version seems newer.
    I also can not use any other music player which needs liblastfm like clementine

  • @got-it-man
    It doesn’t seem to work with liblastfm-qt5, but works with liblastfm-qt4. When amarok is installed, it lets you choose between these two libs.

    @developers might want to know about this issue.

  • Still no one looking into this?
    It would be great to be able to use other music players like VLC and MPV.

  • @got-it-man said in liblastfm broken?:

    It would be great to be able to use other music players like VLC and MPV.

    They are working fine here, i have liblastfm-qt4 from extra repository.

  • @got-it-man

    @developers already working on this:


    Current workaround is to choose liblastfm-qt4 on initial install of amarok or clementine (or any other depending on liblastfm-qt)

    liblastfm-qt5 should be removed from repository, and will soon, but needs confirmation of responsible devs first.

    If you already have it installed and you have choosen liblastfm-qt5 simple change to the other version:

    sudo pacman -S liblastfm-qt4
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