• Some apps use ugly serif font, not respecting system font settings

    I just completed a fresh install of Antergos selecting the Xfce environment. Now, certain apps like VLC and VirtualBox have a serif font that is very ugly on the screen. It’s the same font so I don’t think it’s a problem with the apps themselves (and there’s nowhere inside them to change their font). I’ve looked in various system settings but changing fonts there don’t seem to apply to these apps.

    I don’t remember changing anything after installing the OS, other than using the my home folder from previous installations (Antergos running XFCE, then KDE, then Gnome), so perhaps there are leftover configs affecting things.

    Anyone know where to look, it’s really ugly. Thanks…


  • @a1chem1st
    Try one of the following commands:

    QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct qt5ct
  • @manuel

    Hi manuel, both commands brought me to the Qt5 configuration tool, I changed the font to match the system font settings, everything is typographically great now, thank you for saving my eyes.

  • @a1chem1st
    OK, great! Then please could you mark this thread as solved (there’s a button below)? :)

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