• Cannot use older version of python package after Python 3.7 upgrade


    After the recent Python 3.7 update, python packages and programs like Lutris needed a reinstall to work.

    So I have done this, but one python package, OpenCV has a memory leak in its latest version. I know this because on Python 3.6 I used to downgrade OpenCV and it started working without the memory leak.

    However, when I now downgrade OpenCV from latest (3.4.2-2) to the version I used to run (3.4.1-3) I get an error in my script that the package cannot be found when I try to run my script. I’m guessing this is because there is some leftover file or something that points to the wrong python version for this particular OpenCV version.

    Does anyone know how I can get the 3.4.1-3 OpenCV to work after the 3.7 Python upgrade?

    Thank you for any help.

  • @qsvenx said in Cannot use older version of python package after Python 3.7 upgrade:



    AUR builds are not official supported and only maintained by users at the AUR.
    So read the comments there and see what is needed to run…

  • @joekamprad
    Thank you for the tip but the problem was OpenCV, I guess I shouldn’t mentioned any other software. I just mentioned that reinstalling python dependent packages fixes problems with the 3.7 python upgrade but using pamac upgrades them to the latest version and the latest version of OpenCV is unusable due to a memory leak. And if I downgrade manually (using downgrade) to a older version of OpenCV python can’t find it, probably because the older version was used before with 3.6 and it remembers it somehow and won’t work with python 3.7.

  • @qsvenx said in Cannot use older version of python package after Python 3.7 upgrade:


    is not directly depending on python… only to get the python interface from it working one of python-numpy or python2-numpy optional so you will need to downgrade mayby python itself also… there os also the possibility to downgrade all packages to a state from past… https://www.ostechnix.com/downgrade-packages-specific-date-arch-linux/
    but this is not possible for Antergos…

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