Hello everyone.

Loving Antergos and didn’t have any extreme problem so far (at least with this installation).

But when I unlock the laptop after let’s say 30minutes of inactivity, (logging in with my username and psswd) when I open any application or even the Terminal, Antergos just froozes completely and the only way to get back into it is by power it off physically and then boot it up again, which ins’t always the best thing to do right…

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7559, NVIDIA GTX960M, Dual Boot W10, Fast and Secure Boot Deactivated, Grub2
If needed more information just tell me.

  • Might any logs be helpfull to solve this?
  • Any BIOS Saving Options?

Oh and by the way, I don’t have any Nvidia drives/controllers installed because that was the only way to install Antergos.

Thanks for any response, and have in mind that I’m really far away of being an averege Linux User so please go easy on me :D