• Black screen after boot message: "starting version 239"

    @sora you are welcome!

  • @sora said in Black screen after boot message: "starting version 239":

    sudo pacman -Syyuu --root /mnt did NOT work.
    sudo pacman -Syyuu --sysroot /mnt did NOT work either.

    sudo arch-chroot /mnt
    sudo pacman -Syyuu

    I just came back now.
    Ok, i thought the arch-chroot wouldn’t work due the lack of internet, didn’t know loading antergos iso could circunvent that, thats interesting.

    I’m sorry if somehow i guided you the wrong path or wasn’t clear enough, also sorry for the lack of answer from my part, i think our countries have a very different time, while i was absent and you were here and vice-versa…

    Anyway i’m happy that @manuel and @joekamprad (the big moderators masters) were here and helped you.
    I’m glad you fixed your system. :)

  • @sora said in Black screen after boot message: "starting version 239":

    :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
    “error: Partition / too full 91266 blocks needed, 76934 blocks free
    error: failed to commit transaction (not enough free disk space)
    Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.”

    Just to explain why it didn’t work. When i use the command sudo pacman -Syyuu --root /mnt i’m using portergos which has cowspace enabled, antergos doesn’t. The procedure was downloading packages into the iso (which doesn’t have space) and installing to your system, just like you suspected.

    Possibly sudo pacman -Syyuu --cachedir /mnt/var/cache/pacman/pkg --root /mnt would work. (this downloads packages to your system and install them properly)
    Anyway i can expand the command here and test it further.

  • @fernandomaroto
    Thanks, interesting to see the results when you have time to test it further. :)

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