I’ve decided to stop using TeamViewer with Antergos and am looking for an alternative. I’m dropping TeamViewer because every time I used it, the screen would flash really bad when I moved the mouse. Another reason I’m dropping it, when my internet goes out, TeamViewer is useless. So I’m looking for something that doesn’t need internet access to work.

I have a Windows 7 box that I’ll be using to remote into the Antergos box. Sure, I have SSH access but want to have the whole “GUI” experience. :)

Since I’ll be using a Windows 7 box as the client, I thought… lemme see if I can just use the RDP client built into Windows 7 to access the Antergos box. So I installed (I think), xrdp? (or some rdp server) and I believe I have the RDP stuff all started on the Antergos box but when I use the Windows client (or rdesktop from a Linux box), I get the following screen:

0_1533648791496_linux rdp.png

When I click the ‘Session’ box, there’s a few choices in there and no matter which one I pick, after typing in my username and password, that box disappears and nothing happens.

Do I need to add my user account to some ‘rdp’ group or is there some other program I need to install?

Or should I look into some *VNC solution? (Which do you recommend, seems all the VNC solutions for Arch are either abandoned or their package maintainers aren’t quite keeping up with the latest versions… UltraVNC for example. AUR has 1.2.1 (last updated in October of last year) but 1.2.2 is the latest).

I tried Remmina(sp?) but kept getting an error about how a UDP connection couldn’t be established. (I’m thinking that’s the reason for my problem posted in the screenshot… I think I’m missing some part of RDP.

I don’t have any firewall program installed on the Windows 7 box or Antergos so that’s no the problem.