• A stop job is running...

    This seems to be quite a well known problem with systemd.

    On exit, I have this message on a prompt
    “A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 1000”
    which triggers a 30 seconds delay.

    I looked for info about everywhere, not only in Antergos and did not find a way to eradicate this.

    Any solution somewhere?

  • That could have a thousand reasons. You should provide a log for us to have a look at.

    Do you by any chance have HDDs that go into standby mode? For me, that’s a common reason why these messages pop up and restarts and shutdowns are delayed, because before shutting down, the HDDs are started back up. Very normal though.

  • indeed. Sorry.

    Here is the log of journalctl -b -0


    systemd should provide a clue. This is a very unintuitive way of proceeding. Providing a 1700 lines short log is terrifying… :)

  • @roger64

    When I connect my External Hard Drive via USB, Sometimes I get that message, basically the hard drive has powered down and put into sleep mode so when I shutdown or reboot I get that message. Take 60 seconds to power down but it does shutdown.

    Maybe you have something connected that’s doing the same? Internal hard drive, USB drive, etc

  • Thank you both for your tips. I will read the wiki.

    I have a SSD and a HDD (mostly unused)

  • It’s not clear from your log what is causing the issue. It’s also not clear to me which desktop environment you’re using, but I know that neither Gnome Shell and KDE Plasma automatically activate a standby mode timer for HDDs. You have to do that manually (and that’s why I created the AntergosConfigurator script to set that up easily). But what I want to say with this , is that if you didn’t configure a standby mode timer for your HDD, that couldn’t be causing the issue.

    With USB things are different though, I think drives do get automatically in standby mode after x amount of inactivity time.

    It could be some software or hardware malfunctioning. I recommend for the next step that you try again after physically disconnecting your HDD from your computer. If it still happens, it’s not the HDD

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