• which Aur helpers you all use ?

    Hi, i personally like Yay aur helper, i tried to place a bug report on aurman last, i got banned :p becuase use antergos, seems they dislike other distro’s :-)

  • @ringo32 said in which Aur helpers you all use ?:

    Hi, i personally like Yay aur helper, i tried to place a bug report on aurman last, i got banned :p becuase use antergos, seems they dislike other distro’s :-)

    The Antergos developers highly recommend aurman. A new version of aurman came out just today.

  • ah ok, i removed aurman lately… got a bug report and my message got banned for some reason…

    but that is what it is… but use lateely yay :) find it nice, because basicly a yaourt user , yay looks close in my feeling :)

  • I like yay, haven’t tried anything else since it does everything i want it to.

  • I was mainly using yaourt and recently installed aurman. But, since AUR helpers are not supported by Arch, and the manual build process is fairly easy (and anyway, the Arch wiki recommends becoming familiar with the manual build process even if AUR helpers are used)… I don’t know, lately I’m leaning towards just dealing with AUR packages without using AUR helpers. Seems like the better way to go, to me, even if it’s a little bit less convenient.

  • Developers (@karasu) seem to recommend aurman and (potentially) yay.

    And Pamac GUI can also be configured to support AUR.

  • @ringo32 said in which Aur helpers you all use ?:

    becuase use antergos, seems they dislike other distro’s

    They do not give support for non native Archlinux Systems, and this is a long known fact… You can report BUGS at the Antergos BUG system: https://github.com/antergos or report at the forum and mark it for developers

    with @developers

  • Hi,

    Yes, aurman’s developer does not support Antergos installations (I kinda understand, most of the time are users reporting aurman is not working when what is really happening is that they’re using an old aurman version).

    So please, before reporting to aurman’s github report it in our github (github.com/antergos/antergos-packages) or here as @joekamprad has suggested.


  • i did used from aur, not from repo…but self now prefer yay.

  • @ringo32 said in which Aur helpers you all use ?:

    now prefer yay

    Why? I’m asking because we’ve not decided yet if we will adopt aurman or yay, so I’m open for suggestions.


  • personal is close to yaourt , function is fine, atleast is in the list in the wiki that is in green :)
    on a point im not sure why, you can say, aurman is build out of Python, problem of python of a update you have to track those… but yay is written in go, on a point no real experience what difference is is reliable thing…

    but i personally think, what your choice should be, you can headup and set it in the installer which type of aurhelper you want, to not point a standard thing, aur is just something to know what you are doing, and personally people generally use aur helpers instead pacman its self… :)

    yaourt is problematic state , yay is more close to yaourt, and i understand aurman is also more close to pacman… is kinda subjective

  • I try to get used to aurman, to have a easy way to update AUR stuff, but mostly use makepkg itself to initial build a package from AUR.

    I have tried also yay time before… but i do not remembe, why i do stop using it…

    It seems that aurman have less nice options then yay, and yay is very similar to yaourt, and have more easy options for searching and building…

  • Hey all!

    Sorry for coming so late here, although i’m reading the post since the begining .

    Can someone answer me if pamac is able to handle AUR by itself or it uses some other package like yaourt, aurman etc to do the job?

    I’m still using yaourt, though i rarely use it cause it’s uncommon to me to install something from unofficial repos.

  • @fernandomaroto

    Did that check a couple of months ago … ( there been a couple of updates of pamac since ) the package pamac-aur was required for pamac to handle aur.

    I still prefer makepkg for aur packages

  • @fernandomaroto
    Pamac is able to handle AUR by itself. It just needs AUR & AUR updates to be enabled and you’re good to go! :)

  • thanks @loup001 and @manuel for the info.

    So it’s more about having an AUR “dealer” for terminal.

    I also like to use makepkg, since when i like a package i compile it and add to portergos repositories.

  • i only use makepkg or use the -mflags with options of makepg to avoid checksums whatever when needed :)

  • I got used to pamac, as it’s a really well repo browser. However, after today’s update (6.5.0-1 -> 6.9.0-3) the pamac-aur package stopped working for me (ends up in the Failed to prepare transaction message). Alternatively I would always use Trizen.

    I wanted to see aurman you recommended, but didn’t manage to install the AUR 2.18-1 version:

    ==> Making package: aurman 2.18-1 (Tue Aug 28 02:33:30 2018)
    ==> Checking runtime dependencies...
    ==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
    ==> Retrieving sources...
      -> Updating aurman_sources git repo...
    Fetching origin
    ==> Validating source files with md5sums...
        aurman_sources ... Skipped
    ==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
        aurman_sources git repo ... FAILED (unknown public key 465022E743D71E39)
    ==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
    :: Unable to build aurman - makepkg exited with code: 1

    So I’m back on Trizen.

  • I had the same unknown public key issue while trying to install aurman, so I ran:

    $ gpg --recv-keys 465022E743D71E39

    Then I ran makepkg -si again and aurman installed successfully.

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