• sgdisk failed: Invald partition data

    Hello friends,
    I already have antergos installed for about a year now. But today I wanted to do a fresh install to get rid of all the trash i collected during that year. I can boot from the stick and get with cnchi to the part where I can enter username, hostname,… and then the following error pop up appears.
    alt text

    When I try during the same live session a second time with cnchi I get this error at the same step
    alt text

    After a reboot I cant even boot from the stick.
    If someone can help me with noob friendly instructions how I can fix that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Could it be that your harddisk (sda) was already mounted?

    Boot again with your usb stick, close the installer and run gparted.

    With gparted, delete your whole disk (as it seems you want to have it all for Antergos).

    At this point, it’s better to reboot once again and then proceed with the installation.


  • Isn’t sda in my case the usb stick?

    alt text

  • @b3n So are you installing to your installer stick?

  • It seems like that cnchi is trying that but I just want to do a fresh clean installation on my laptop and not on the stick. Is cnchi mybe getting confused where to install the OS and trys to install antergos on the stick where I already live booted from instead of installing it on the SSD?

  • Oh, I see. You have a NVMe bus.

    Cnchi does not choose where to install by itself, you must tell it where you want your system in this screen:


    You should select your nvme disk, not your sda disk (usb in your case).

    I must warn you that some users have experienced difficulties installing on nvme devices in the past. We’ve fixed some of those bugs, but we cannot be sure everything is ok as we do not have any nvme drive to test cnchi on.


  • @karasu Thats was the problem. Thank you very much for your help my friend!
    So that was definitely my mistake but wouldnt it be more user friendly when cnchi doesent try to install the OS on its installation source on default without a big warning that this will likely wont work?

    By the way: The installation went smooth after that problem was solved. Keep up the great work at antergos. I love this linux distro.

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