• download & usb-live-version-creation

    hello dear all,

    where can i find a antergos download (KDE_version)

    btw here you suggest some methods / ways to create a live - usb.


    can i use

    • rufus
    • win32 Diskimager

    to do the job correctly

    several weeks ago i have created a live-version on USB which worked very well - but
    during the intallation i run into troubles:

    see here https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10304/can-t-create-download-package-list-how-to-proceed/6

    now i will try again to create a usb-stick to test Antergos on my notebook Akoya E 4254

    i will try out your recommended tools - or even will use Linux to create this stick

    love to hear from you

  • @malaga
    https://antergos.com/download/antergos-live-iso/ is the official download place. The installer can install any supported desktop, including KDE.

    The preferred USB creation methods are:

    • dd (a linux command, can even be run on Windows but requires some work, not much though)
    • etcher
    • rufus (in DD mode)

    Many others are known not to work properly, e.g. unetbootin does not work AFAIK.

  • hello dear Manuel - many thanks for the quick reply. i am glad to hear from you.


    i was having issue - as I’m trying to install Antegros 18.7 (currently the latest) using the 64 bit live (KDE) version.

    When I’m trying to install antergos everything works very good until I hit next after filling out the computer name and username/password and after that i just get “Can’t create download package list. Check log output for details”. - Well this has been discussed several times so far.</p> <p>i have used the 64 bit live and minimal iso files downloaded today - to install on a Notebook.</p> <p>Question : should i download a new iso and try it out with another or not!?</p> <p>In other words - can i try out with the same USB.Stick with the installer-medium

    as the menbers of the developement team and user mentioned in this thread - the new and improved version was released -

    now we have the antergos Version 18.8 - is this true!? - - guess so.

    today i have downloaded the new version the Antergos version 18.8 - and i am going to try it out later the evening

  • @malaga
    Yes, new 18.8 is released.
    I’d recommend using the “full” ISO, not the minimal ISO, because the full ISO includes more useful tools for debugging if something goes wrong.

  • hello you both many thanks for the quick reply.
    hello again - many many thanks

    ive downloaded the Antergos Version 18.8 and in the Live-Demo-Version all goes well - the Touchpad / clickpad works very very well.

    Note - this notebook seems to have issues with the clickpad / touchpad has got issues with

    • ubuntu
    • opensuse leap
    • mint
    • and manjaro

    with manjaro i am trying to nail down the issues - at the moment i try to do some corrections in X11 … see below.

    vgl. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/akoya-e4254-touchpad-not-working/53268/27

    if this (manjaro support) does not help (and if i still stuck within the issues) then i will stick to Antergos _ which is very convincig so far.

    have agreat day

  • hello dear Manuel -

    i installed Antergos Version 18.8 and all goes very very well - the touch- and clickpad works very good.

    i am very glad that Antergos works so nicely.

    note_: no other linux distribution does such agreat job - neither ubuntu nor manjaro,.

    keep up the great work - it rocks

    greetinsgs malaga

  • @malaga Great! And a happy journey with Antergos! :)

    And be prepared for potential glitches (as we have had them in the past), since Antergos is a rolling release. But most of the problems can be avoided by checking Antergos and Arch pages before major updates.

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