• Notebook with 17 inch, silent cooler (fan) and ready to run linux

    hello dear Antergos Experts - dear community,

    looking for a Notebook that has the following criterias:

    17 inch display,
    running without a cooler-fan or with a very silent one
    linux-capable - i want to run Systems like Manjaro, OpenSuse - not just Ubuntu or mint..

    can you suggest one !?

    love to hear from you

  • @malaga
    Hard to recommend, depends on so many factors. :)
    I suppose there are many working alternatives available that can run any of the OSs you mentioned. IMHO its the apps that make the difference, how heavy they are etc.
    I’d look at the hardware: CPU i5-8000 series or better, SSD instead of HDD, display quality, noise level, keyboard quality, backlighted keyboard (to mention a few criteria).
    Go to a computer store and see for yourself! ;)
    The price range can be seen at the net, e.g. Amazon is one a nice place to look at.

  • It’s been my experience that most of the newer laptops are pretty quiet. I have an almost 5yo Dell that I can only hear late at night when everyone else is asleep and the radio and TV are off. Even then, I have to strain to hear it. In fact, my son almost melted down his 6yo i7 Dell because he hadn’t realized that the fan had failed.

  • @malaga
    Agree with @grenouille , those new(ish) laptops that I’ve seen are all pretty quiet. But before you buy, you could check if there are any reviews about the machine on the internet.

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