• Motherboard Audio stopped working

    So, I installed Antergos dual booted with Windows 10, and all went well. At first the audio worked fine. The only thing that didn’t work right is the keyboard layout. I selected Workman layout, and it installed US QWERTY. But, anyways, I fiddled around for a while, built and installed the Discord package from AUR, and everything seemed fine. Then I rebooted to test if my Windows 10 would boot, and it did. Then I restarted again, and when I came back to Antergos, the motherboard sound didn’t work. I also have an Nvidia GTX 970, and the HDMI audio out works fine, but the motherboard line out doesn’t. I got fed up, and I reinstalled Antergos again fresh, and this time, the motherboard line out still doesn’t work, straight out of the box. Why???

    I also noticed that there are some errors when I start Antergos that say something about pcie or something. The same errors were present on the first install and the current one.

  • Couldn’t seem to edit, so here are some specs:

    Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Wifi rev 1.0
    CPU: Intel i5 8400
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 970

  • So, I went to bed and woke back up in the morning. Turned the pc on, and now my motherboard audio magically works again!?!? What on earth??

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