• Does Antergos automatically do MDADM scrubs?

    I think I read somewhere that if you use MDADM, it automatically does a scrub once a month (maybe this only applies to Mint as their developers turn that on when you install the package?!?).

    But with Arch (which Antergos is based off of), I read notes about needing to add a a cron job manually or using some systemd AUR script to get scrubbing turned on.

    So what say you, masters of the Antergos… “set it and forget it” or manually adding it to cron.

  • @roadhazard does it make sense to enable this automaticly? as far as i know this is used for RAID systems, and Antergos do not provide a RAID install as default.

  • @joekamprad Whoops, should have been more detailed in my original email. I plan on installing Antergos to a boot SSD and will use MDADM RAID 6 on my media drive (a bunch of 4T drives).

  • Antergos do not provide automatic Raid setup as far as I know.

  • @joekamprad Yep, I realize that. But with Mint… if you install MDADM and set up a RAID array with it, I believe by default, MDADM automatically does scrubs.

    With Arch, it seems the scrubs are not automatic but maybe need to be manually set up. Either way, I think I found the command to check so I’ll go ahead and mark this as solved.

    Thank you

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