• Key Board Problems

    Hi everyone, I have just done a clean install of Antergos KDE. My " and @ are around the wrong way.
    By this I mean when I type @ I get " and when I type " I get @. any ideas, please


  • Wrong keyboard type selected on install?
    You can add and select the right one in locale settings for KDE, or add your language with locale-gen.

    sudo nano /etc/locale.gen

    Uncomment the language to be right for you, and do:

     sudo locale-gen

    But this only if you wrongly setup language, if only keyboard is wrong go to KDE settings

  • @joekamprad said in Key Board Problems:

    sudo locale-gen

    Thanks a lot for your help, It was in the keyboard Hardware and layout settings.
    I had them set to English should have been English(Australian)

    Again thank you.

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