• Antergos as a persistant system on a SSD USB

    Hi all. I’d just like to throw this out there and inquire if anyone may have tried to place a persistant system on a SSD as per the Arch Wiki’s procedure. link text
    I’ve done pretty much all they’ve described and I’m having quite some trouble with it.

    The main question is if anyone else may have tried it as well and if so, have you been successful with it or have you had issues like I"ve experienced where the Arch/Antergos system with it’s own Grub and all on it’s own independant USB won’t boot via the main laptop’s Grub.
    What have your experiences been with this? Success or not?
    Piece of cake or a walk through a jungle?
    Frustrated and given up?
    Honestly, I feel like I want to give up.

    By the way, I bought this new Sandisk extreme Pro SSD USB. Would love to use it with Antergos on it, but it ain’t work’in. Maybe a different distro might.

  • @modisc

    I already installed Antergos on an USB flash drive, and it worked fine (it wasn’t ssd), i ended up removing it due to all rewritings/cicles that could damage the USB.

    At that time i was testing some stuff with virtualbox, so i installed unto USB directly from a virtual machine.

    If i can make a little propaganda, you can try portergos, since last 2 versions i added a script to create persistent mode with the iso.
    If you’re interested you can send a pm to me for more details. (i don’t have ssd, so i dont know if it’d work for you)

  • @fernandomaroto said in Antergos as a persistant system on a SSD USB:


    HI. yeah. I’m gonna look into it.
    I’ll let you know in a pm later on.

  • Hi again.
    So I should just ask at this point. I’ve had a look at the video and I"m curious to understand if there might be additional information that I could use to install as a persistant system on the SSD USB.
    So for example, taking from the Arch Wiki, would I need to add or configure on the portable system as desribed here on this link from the Arch Wiki
    link text
    and as here
    link text

    Those links above are what I used to guide me and hence the above questions.

  • @modisc


    If you were talking about /etc/mkinitcpio.conf maybe that’s necessary since it’s mentioned on both post and archwiki. But when i installed Antergos that wasn’t necessary.

    Also, if you are decided about that, then the easiest way is to install antergos and before leaving the live environment you mount the new system, change /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and run mkinitcpio (in arch-chroot).

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