• Hard freeze due to PCIe bus error

    If I were you, I’d use only Windows for updating BIOS that way.

    However, BIOS update may or may not help, maybe you could check from Acer about the changes.

    Anyway, if you choose to update BIOS, make absolutely sure you have the correct version for your specific machine and model. Wrong version can do real harm to the machine, although I’ve seen that BIOS updater programs usually check it is suitable for the machine. Don’t however know how Acer handles checking.

  • @manuel
    Yes, I am not going to upgrade for now, I honestly don’t want the hassle of installing Windows as a second partition and having it corrupt my Linux boot (just saying I don’t trust Windows). This is exactly the BIOS update available for my specific machine. My model seems to be pointed heavily towards Windows usage.

    Anyway, it is working so I want to thank you @manuel @loup001 @joekamprad for your time. I am hoping that I am free from freezing from now on.

  • @olividir the sad truth is that some machines are tinkered to work under windows, and software sided hacked hardware with BUGS causing lot a problems running under Linux.

  • @joekamprad
    That is something I didn’t know before buying this laptop, and I am not sure if there is a clear way to check for it or not.
    Anyway, the computer feels much more stable now compared to when I bought it and installed Linux on it. I am hoping that updates will improve my overall experience with it 🙂

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