• Unable to boot into live O's (Nvidia issue?)


    For the past couple of days, I have been attempting to dual boot Windows and Antergos on my laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560). I’ve been able to get mint working but I decided I wanted a arch variant. However, I haven’t even been able to get into the live OS, which I am assuming is because of my dGPU (gtx 1050).

    I have tried the Nvidia fallback option, however, I am greeted with a black screen with a console cursor in the upper left. The regular live boot displays a white splash screen with the Antergos logo and then freezes.

    I’ve gone through a few threads on this forum and it seems this has been happening for a few years.

    https://forum.antergos.com/topic/7715/nvidia-installation-driver-blinking-cursor (User has a similar model as me and similar problems) however the launch options didn’t seem to help

    I’ve also tried using systemd.unit=multi-user.target and nomodeset to no avail.

    Disabling the dGPU is not an option in Bios. Secureboot has been turned off. Bootable USB was created in Rufus on a Windows 10 host.

    I was wondering if there are any easy fixes to disable the nouveau drivers or find a way to get into the live os so I can start installation.

    Thank you :)

    Feel free to let me know if anymore information is needed

  • @mattc said in Unable to boot into live O's (Nvidia issue?):

    I was wondering if there are any easy fixes to disable the nouveau drivers…

    Yes, there is. Add to the boot line


    The parameter completely excludes | disables | eliminates | removes nouveau from the started session.

  • @just

    I tried adding that to the boot arguments, however, I still seem to get a console cursor on boot. Does this mean its not a GPU issue? Hard to diagnose the problem when I can’t see anything

  • @mattc said in Unable to boot into live O's (Nvidia issue?):

    …Does this mean its not a GPU issue?..

    I don’t know. It may or may not be GPU-related. I’m not familiar with Nvidia GTX 10xx series cards.

    There are customized Antergos ISOs, made by @joekamprad some time ago. They were working for recent Nvidia 10xx cards. Their download URL may be found in forum posts.

    Hard to diagnose the problem when I can’t see anything

    That’s true.

  • If needed I can build and provide a Nvidia enabled Antergos ISO (with Nvidia drivers and boot option) my last build is to old for all current changes, and will not be able to install system…

  • @joekamprad If youd be willing to do that for me it would be greatly appreciated

    @just Ok thanks for your help!

  • @mattc i will, but will need some hours… i can try providing it inside next 8 hours ;)

  • @joekamprad Awesome, thanks so much

  • @mattc i get some problems building… will try it again at the moment :(

  • @joekamprad

    It worked :), thank you again!

  • @joekamprad hi, can you make a New build uptodate for me please, or à tutorial to make it, I run the Iso you link but when I hit install it show nothing and when I try to launch official I get all screen black with just à cursor

    I have GTX 970 and à titan xp

    Thanks you very mutch

  • @gilbertpaquin1995

  • But how I can pre-add it to Iso?

  • To do so you will needto rebuild the iso, after changing the configuration… i can provide an up to date nvidia enabled iso, but your cards should work with open source driver… and may something else is calling the issue for you…

  • If you can it will be nice, because this iso: http://kamprad.net/Downloads/Antergos-Nvidia-ISO/antergos-gnome-nvidia-nozfs-18.2-x86_64.iso seem work for me but when I hit install the app dosen’t open and with the original iso I just get a black screen with the mouse.

  • you can try updating cnchi inside also: sudo pacman -Syy
    sudo pacman -S cnchi

  • I found the issue it is because it missing 3-4 python module that is not on 18.2 I add them manualy and I can run the setup but gnome just give me a black screen with a mouse :(

  • Can you provide the missing packages as a list?

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