• XFCE/LightDM crashing when unlocking existing session

    This started less than a month ago, but most of the time when I lock my computer (whether by keyboard command or light-locker timeout) and then unlock it again, the whole session crashes, I’m presented with the greeter again, and when I log in the second time have a new clean session started.

    I’m not sure where to go next in trying to find root cause. Here are some snippets from the journal after a login:

    systemd[1]: session-c6.scope: Killing process 22396 (lightdm) with signal SIGTERM.
    systemd[1]: session-c6.scope: Killing process 22407 (slick-greeter) with signal SIGTERM.
    systemd[1]: Stopping Session c6 of user lightdm.
    lightdm[22396]: pam_unix(lightdm-greeter:session): session closed for user lightdm
    systemd[1]: Stopped Session c6 of user lightdm.
    systemd-logind[689]: Removed session c6.

    It then continues on killing things with SIGTERM until

    systemd[1]: Stopped /run/user/517 mount wrapper.
    systemd[23725]: pam_unix(systemd-user:session): session opened for user lightdm by (uid=0)

    and then things start up again. I can attach a more complete log if it would be helpful.

    I’m using slick-greeter with lightdm and XFCE. After seeing that log I tried switching to LXDM and it had the same sort of behavior, so that makes me think it’s something with XFCE or X somewhere.

    Any ideas on what the next steps should be to find root cause?


  • A couple of more details after playing around a bit. Looks like this is only a problem (and is entirely repeatable) when my laptop is docked such that the main laptop screen is disabled.

    I have 2 monitors attached via DisplayPort. When docked, I run this command to use the two monitors and turn off the laptop screen:

    xrandr --output ${LEFT} --primary --auto \
           --output ${RIGHT} --right-of ${LEFT} --auto \
           --output ${RIGHT1} --right-of ${LEFT} --auto \
           --output ${LAPTOP} --off

    When in this mode, the X system crashes when I log back on after locking the screen. If I instead leave the laptop display enabled (so 3 screen instead of 2), it does not crash.

    Any ideas?

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