• Clean install antergos

    I have installed the gdm antergos…from bootable usb.i erased my hardisk as antergos my primary os but…installation was successful.when i restarted my system it goes on booting again and again…it was stuck at atergos bootlogo then again switch off and on…but system booted successfuly from boot manager.here is pic of my boot manager![alt text](![image url](![image url]([image url](link url))))

  • Help please

  • there is no bootlogo on installed Antergos, and also we do not provide a GDM version.

    Do you want to say GNOME?

    You need to remove DVD or usb stick or choose the right bootdevice on bootup to get into installed system.

  • Yes …i mean gnome de …but no after removing us its not booting .i think its installation software cnchi is buggy.

  • I do not have any issue installing GNOME here at the moment.

  • On boot up select advanced options and fall back to the LTS kernel.
    Now boot

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