• Systemd GUI manager says a service isn't running but it is

    As I keep pounding away on my test Antergos box, I ran into a slight problem. When I go into the Systemd GUI (systemd-manager), it correctly shows the ‘sonarr.service’ as enabled:


    but INCORRECTLY shows the sonarr.service as not started… but it IS running and I can access it via FireFox:


    I’ve been installing/deleting Antergos over the past few weeks and I don’t recall having this problem before. Sonarr would always show green checks for both boxes.

    Where can I look to get more details as to why Systemd-manager thinks the service isn’t running?

  • @roadhazard said in Systemd GUI manager says a service isn't running but it is:


    is an AUR package? so it is not “official” supported.

    Do you try the GIT version? --> sonarr-git

  • @joekamprad Didn’t bother testing with the -git version. I downloaded another Systemd GUI type program and it correctly shows Sonarr as running. Not too worried about it since everything is running fine.

    As always, us newbs appreciate your time!

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