• Should I switch to Antergos due to Arch Linux' spartan community?

    Hi there!

    I haven’t made the switch to Arch Linux yet, but I’m right now really thinking about it.
    I love Arch Linux. I love it’s package manager the most.
    Despite it not having a great GUI-based package manager like synaptic or store like Ubuntu has,
    pacman is so much more intuitive to me, that I prefer Arch Linux.
    I also love Arch Linux’ wiki.

    That said, I’m thinking of switching to Antergos, hoping that Antergos’ forum is a bit more forgiving.

    The final drop that’s breaking my back is this post:

    What happened here is that one of Arch Linux’ forum rules is that you’re not allowed to post images over there.
    Is that a rule here as well?

    Anyway, the moderator then changes my images to links and asks me to:
    “Please post images as thumbnails or as links.”

    I come back after a few days, read his post, immediately press edit to comply.
    Then I see my images are links.
    I figure I must have done this originally so he must mean ‘image links’?
    Thumbnail I don’t understand, as there’s no BBCode for it.
    So I change my post to image links, thinking I’m complying to the moderator.

    My post is thrown into the dustbin and get told to read the code of conduct.
    I send an e-mail saying that this is all a misunderstanding.
    I said that I got confused, tried to comply, re-read the rules and will comply again.
    Could my thread please be re-opened again?
    I get this reply:

    "I don’t know how any of this is confusing: the rules around images have
    been unchanged for over five years now. "

    I feel left hanging.
    I feel that after this I can no longer ask for help on how to get Asian glyphs in hexchat to work.

    If I post the same topic again, I could be accused of cross-posting and get banned.
    What am I supposed to do?

  • Well, I also given up on posting to Arch forum, due to similar experience. :) Don’t be afraid, Antergos community is much more friendly. And yes - you can post images here. The forum script has its limitations and bugs, but people are friendly and helpful.

  • @folatt
    I think that even if you use Archlinux nothing prevents you from asking here too… Yes we’re a friendly community but i admit there aren’t so many experts here like Arch forums (i’m not an expert either).

    And if some day you decide to try Antergos i’m sure you’ll like it, because it comes with a lot of stuff installed that we normal users like (like a “GUI-based package manager like synaptic”, as you said)

    So just be welcome and create your posts…

  • @folatt
    Hello there and welcome to the Antergos world! :)

    As you probably know, Antergos is (simply put) a lot like Arch, but somewhat easier, because of some important additional software (like GUI installer and GUI package manager/updater). And as these guys here said, forums are much more friendly and not at all “elitistic” like Arch forums sometimes unfortunately are.

    Antergos users also look at Arch forums when trying to solve issues, and that’s because Antergos is so much based on Arch. But not everything is the same, that’s why we have our own Antergos forums.

    You mentioned pacman: it can be used in Antergos as well, and often it is the preferred way of updating Antergos. The GUI updater Pamac can additionally handle AUR packages, too (after configuring it to do so). But there are several CLI updaters capable of handling AUR, too.

    So why not try Antergos, it is much like Arch, but I bet you’ll feel better with Antergos than Arch. The only way to find out is to try it yourself! :)

    And please keep in mind that using a rolling release (like Antergos), it is also a learning experience!

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