• Summer vacation! :)

    Hi all!
    I’ll start my Summer vacation in couple of days and won’t be blabbering here for a week. ;)
    I’ll rely on the rest of you to keep Antergos strong and enjoy it with the beautiful Summer days to come! ☀ 🚢

  • Enjoy your holiday.😃

  • @manuel
    I hope you enjoy the rest and be happy!

  • Have fun! But a whole week? What will we do???

    (And it’s a beautiful summer there? Here’s too! We’re experiencing a lovely, refreshing blue-sky day with plenty of sunshine and wind in the trees right now. However, that’s not always the normal. We just got out of a huge heatwave, so this is more of an exception ;) . Are your summers similar?)

  • The biggest part of Europe is having a great (dry) summer and according to the forecast, we’re also heading towards a heatwave.

  • Ha Ha yes i am aware of hot summer days here in Berlin… + 25°C from the heat we produce in the kitchen ;)

  • Thanks guys! :)
    Yeah, it is quite hot here, +30°C (inside ;) and not much less outside…). I’ll be traveling to southern Europe with my family, so the weather should be very warm if not hot.
    I’ll be toasting in many senses of the word by the swimming pool to all of you my friends! 🍹 🍺

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