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    I have two monitors, a TV in the center of the room and a smaller monitor to my left. Xfce seems to want to make the primary monitor the leftmost regardless of me telling it to make the TV the primary monitor. It also keeps going back to 720p when I restart. -.- it’s an older Sony HDTV so part of the blame is on it I’m sure.
    Im using the nvidia x settings to do it, I couldn’t find if there are other places to set that in xfce.
    … Also uh. Unrelated but I also tried to install MATE alongside it to see if that would work better and both DTEs broke. I’m guessing installing xfce and mate alongside each other is not recommended? Reinstalling to fix that x.x

  • I have a similar setup with Mate and it works just fine. Although I use the monitor as the primary, have had the TV as such at one time and it worked. Oh, and I am using Nvidia drivers.

  • You could give a try to obhud (AUR). It includes commands to switch primary/secondary display. Add to autostart or just type in terminal:

    obhud --screens right

    (or left | above | below) to set the secondary display position. I wrote this script for Openbox, but I’ve just tested it with GNOME (X session), and it worked well.

    More on Wiki pages. Do not use --autoconfig, it only works in Openbox.

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