• "antergos-common-meta" cannot be reinstalled after removing it.

    I would recommend you avoid updating “hunspell-es to hunspell-es_any” for now, maybe this will be fixed soon, but if you unistalled “antergos-common-meta” just like me 😓 to be able to update “hunspell-es”, then what I did may help you solve the problem.

    Ok, so I decided to update “hunspell-es” as soon as I was notified there was an update, but by trying to do so, the system says “hunspell-es” need to be replaced by “hunspell-es_any”, you accept the change but then pacman says if you do so it would brake “antergos-common-meta” dependency with “hunspell-es”, so I decided to uninstall “antergos-common-meta” manually so I could update “hunspell-es” to “hunspell-es_any” using:

    sudo pacman -R antergos-common-meta

    and it got uninstalled without a problem, then, I used:

    yaourt -Syua

    to update my system and everything went just fine, then I tried to reinstall “antergos-common-meta” but it cannot be installed due to a problem with the “hunspell-es” dependency I mentioned before.

    so, to solve this what I did was find the PKGBUILD for the “antergos-common-meta” package in order to get it back, you can find it here:


    so, now you need to open a new empty file in a text editor like kate and paste the PKGBUILD content in it, then save the file as PKGBUILD in a new folder (I recommend you save the file in a new folder, you can name it whatever you want, you can do this just to delete the whole thing after you are finished installing the package), next open a terminal where you saved the file and use the next command (no sudo required):

    makepkg -si

    follow the instructions as with any other package and you are done, “antergos-common-meta” is back where it belongs.

    After the installation is done, you can delete the folder where you save the PKGBUILD file.

    Hope this helped you! 😝 .

  • @dante_igashu

    NOTE 2
    I forgot to say that you must change one dependency on the:


    section, from “hunspell-es” to hunspell-es_any" before you save the PKGBUILD file.

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