• Can't Update Due to Hunspell Dependency

    Pamac is telling me it’s time to update but every time I try I get this:

    could not satisfy dependencies:
    removing hunspell-es breaks dependency ‘hunspell-es’ required by antergos-common-meta
    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Is anyonelese having this problem?

  • yes me as well.
    I even unchecked the boxes and it still does it

  • Add me to the list. I’m a newbie with Linux (and Antergos) but is this more of an Antergos problem to fix or some upstream Arch issue?

    Side note, I’m guessing hunspell-es is the Spanish dictionary but I wonder why that’s even installed when I picked English for my language?!

  • Me, three… or is it four? I deselected everything but cups as I couldn’t see that having anything to do with dictionaries and got the same thing. Weird.

  • idk, I’ll just wait. as I just found a couple more posts about this and Someone has round-a-bout fixed it here.


    I think I’ll wait and try updates tomorrow myself :P

  • yep, hope they get it fixed

  • Yep, same issue here. I will wait, It will get fixed in due time

  • @bluebird

    Same here, I am sure this will be sorted very soon :)

  • I have the same problem!!

    failed to satisfy dependencies:
    removing hunspell-es violates the 'hunspell-es' dependency required for antergos-common-meta

    I will wait for the correction…

  • The very same issue here too. I’ll wait for a fix to come through before upgrading.

  • I was going to submit new topic on this, then found that other users have the same issue too.

    Does anyone know why ES, DE, Poland, Romanian (really?) and some other languages are installed by antergos when EN is selected during installation? A feature? A bug?

    P.S. I think something was heavily modified in recent update. That’s because if I open “Orphans” section in Package Manager, I now see tons of entries that can be removed. For example, I can now remove all the unwanted languages of Hunspell, but ES isn’t listed of course :) Tons of XORG and KDE packages are now also listed as Orphan.

  • If you put the hunspell-es on the ignore list, then the system will update. Ofcourse, this is a temporarily solution untill the hunspell-es update got sorted out.

  • @Bryanpwo
    I used your advice as a temporary solution to the problem
    Thank you!

    How do I know if a package update has appeared without a bug?

  • @dikoobraz
    Just check the forum or jut try. There’s a big chance the Antergos-meta package will get an entire update, if that one appears, you can be sure that the hunspell-es got sorted out.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @bluebird Solution: delete the hunspell, hunspell-de, hunspell-el, hunspell-en, hunspell-en_GB, hunspell-en_US and hunspell-es. Then update it normally.

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