• Have a Firmware Bug and can't boot to system

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  • lsmod | grep tpm


    So there are two ways to get this message away… may your BIOS/Firmware have an option to do so or you need to blacklist the modules…

  • Can confirm this is a issue on my Asus Q325 laptop (tpm_crb Firmware Bug: ACPI doesn’t cover entire command/response buffer). I’ve dug through the BIOS and don’t see a way to turn it off AFAIK. Also a little rusty on blacklisting modules. Maybe you can teach me again joe since I’m such a noob? :D Here’s the list of modules I get:

    lsmod | grep tpm
    tpm_crb                16384  0
    tpm_tis                16384  0
    tpm_tis_core           20480  1 tpm_tis
    tpm                    65536  3 tpm_tis,tpm_crb,tpm_tis_core
    rng_core               16384  1 tpm

    So blacklist tpm_crb correct? Or all of these modules? Thanks!

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