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    Hi, i have been toying around here and there with all the diferent DE available to install, after several months i want to stay with the most popular one for this distro, i mean kde and gnome, but i like gnome better, is it true antergos put most effort in polishing gnome than the other ones? somethng like what xfce is for manjaro which is its workhorse? the only diffetente i have noticed is kde is almost vainilla install and gnome comes with wallpapers, somehow their color scheme but nothing more. On the other hand in several forum threads several guys have commented that gnome is the less used DE that even the devs dont use it, so what do you use as your daily driver? this is not a flame war about what is better, i am just curious what is most popular and receives more atention, in manjaro example xfce is by no means the best DE vailble

  • I personally like the Cinnamon DE, even if the KDE DE is gorgeous.

  • I would say GNOME is still the default Desktop on Antergos, and what most users take at first option.

    The nr. one benefit on Antergos DE preconfiguration is a minimal set of programms/apps for each DE, and a good setup for most common services.

    I come to Antergos caused by their GNOME install, but now use i3 with GNOME as a provider for common control.

  • Thanks to all, i will with gnome i like their spartan and at the same time georgeous look, i know running antergos is almost the same as running pure arch, speaking about desktop kernels, is antergos vainilla kernel responsiviness good enough or is still mandatory either compile my own or install linuk-ck, liquorix or similars? i have seen some improving using bfq instead o cfq, my laptop is old with a rpm HDD

  • @miguel-mirandag If you give some specs of the hardware I will be able to give some hints…

  • Sure, its an HP laptop with 4 Pentium N3750 Cores, 8GB RAM, 500 GB HDD at 5400 RPM
    I dont know if its for the slow hdd disk but i feel it is really slow, slow boot times, slow resposiviness and even slower feeling with gnome animations activated, the applications icons screen load very slow, in KDE i got better overall response but although the color schema in the new plama is pretty awsome i cant stand the archaic windows 90’s scheme of the desktop , a buttom bar with a cSACAADING MENU

  • @miguel-mirandag said in prefered DE in antergos:

    I dont know if its for the slow hdd disk but i feel it is really slow

    It’s always a good idea to replace HDD with SSD, if possible. However, your machine should run any DE w/o major issues.

    If someone asks me which DE to choose, I recommend GNOME, as it looks and works great OOTB. However, if you like tuning your system, you may think of building your own environment with Openbox. It’s more flexible, resource-friendly, and may look whatever you like.

    GNOME on my laptop vs. Openbox on the netbook:


    My Openbox is a DIY set on vanilla Arch, but starting from Antergos Openbox is recommendable. It’s got a great set of software preinstalled.

  • I dont think i want to go with such an exotic setup, in my life a have heard of openbox, i will shoot in my foot sooner or later and the user base is so small that hoping to get quick support is remotely, i already feel confortable with the olld good gdm/lightdm, gnome /kde combos, thats why i asked about antergos kernels or using one already compiled just to install and use, thanks anyway for the sugestion

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