I installed XScreensaver on my desktop yesterday, and configured it for privacy screensaver after a bit and to blank the screen after two hours of inactivity and to put the screen on standby after four hours. Last night I noticed that the machine did not go into screensaver when I expected it to. Seems to be a lot of that going around, based on a number of threads here and at other Arch-based sites. I figured I’d let it go and work on it in the morning.

Got up this morning about 5:30 (It’s now after 2:00.) and noted the screen was blank. Tried to log in, but couldn’t unblank the screen. I still can’t. Here are the steps I’ve tried:

  1. Made certain the video cable was correctly connected to the monitor.

  2. Cycled the power switch on the monitor. It comes back on line, displays the manufacturer’s logo, and then says, “HDMI no signal” or some such. It then goes back into standby. I’m pretty sure it’s OK, but I haven’t found a cable at home to plug it into this machine (My wife’s laptop - ugh, Windows!) to verify fully that the monitor is healthy.

  3. Tried wiggling the mouse to activate the DM and typed in my user name and password. No luck.

  4. Based on a couple of forum threads I saw, I logged into a TTY (Ctrl-Alt-F2) and then back out to X (Ctrl-Alt-F7.) Nothing. The screen remained blank while I was in TTY2. (I typed my user name and password VERY carefully!)

  5. Rebooted. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rebooted. The screen remains blank and the monitor in standby throughout the process. I used my Antergos Live Install thumb drive on some of the reboots. No luck.

I’ve noticed when rebooting that I get no video at all. Normally, I see the Dell logo and then an offer to Press F12 to enter BIOS setup and so forth. But now I see none of that.

Has XScreensaver told my video card to go on holiday? Has my video card died?

Believe me, I don’t run for help lightly. I’ve been all over Google and Arch wiki and the wiki here and elsewhere and remain completely stumped. I’ll be grateful for any help anyone can offer.