• Add beep sound to warn you when a proccess is ready

    Hey all!

    Since yesterday i’ve started using a beep after some long time consuming commands, that way the system warns you if the command is finished or failed.

    To use it you can add a funtion to your .bashrc file like:

    # make beep sound
    ( speaker-test -t sine -f 1000 )& pid=$! ; sleep 0.5s ; kill -9 $pid

    Use with something like:
    YOUR_COMMAND; beep or YOUR_COMMAND && beep according to your needs, etc.

    I hope it helps you all!

  • @fernandomaroto meep meep ! hanks for that ;)

  • You could also play a small sound file, like:

    mpv TaDa.ogg

    assuming you have mpv (or any other capable player) and a sound file like TaDa.ogg.

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