• Update manager wants to install intel driver for my ryzen apu!

    Good morning.

    So my update manager was prompting me that I had updates. Among those updates, there is an intel-ucode package. I am however using a laptop with Ryzen 5 2400U with Radeon Vega 5.
    Is it safe to install this intel-ucode package or should I ignore it?

    Few days ago I was having really annoying case of my laptop freezing using Antergos KDE, and I remember I installed all of the update packages without checking (I know, bad move), and I am wondering if the intel microcode is responsible. See this thread:

    I am also wondering if that could be the cause of soft lock on my CPU at start up, see thread:

    IF I should ignore intel based microcode, CAN I set the update manager in that way to ignore them?

  • So I figured out that it is possible to ignore certain updates by going to settings in update manager. I currently ignore all Intel related updates.

    I would like to mark this as solved. if someone could help me with that.

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