• Assorted issues -- Please help

    So i recently installed Antergos linux, and have been loving the experience it provides. However, I may be forced to find another distro if I cannot get these issues resolved.

    1. My atmel maXTouch touchpad will enter a locked drag mode if I do not keep continually clicking the clickpad while booting. After booting, I can use it normally, but it will not let me click and drag after. I have changed all sorts of settings in an attempt to fix it, to no avail. Installing the synaptics driver over top of libinput did nothing.

    2. cannot build libc++ - i need to install discord, the popular gaming chat app. To do this, a bunch of dependencies must be satisfied, however, when i consent to installing the dependencies, with libc++, the installation freezes my computer, then unfreezes, then errors out telling me I have no space left on the device, despite having close to 25GB free on my SD card.

    3. Booting from an SD card - For some reason, this does not work for me. It is too painfully slow, it locks up frequently, and combined with the abovementioned issues, is proving to be a real nuisance. Is the slowness and lockups caused by booting off of the card, or is this some other issue I am not aware of?

    Any help is appreciated, as I need this laptop to be functional for everyday use and linux development.

  • @starrider

    1. Sounds like a driver/firmeare problem, which driver/firmware do you have for that device?

    2. Sounds like your /tmp is running out of memory. By default it uses tmpfs, but can be changed to be part of root disk. Look for Arch linux and tmpfs.

    3. SD card typically is very slow compared to other disks. Do you have a different kind of a disk available for Antergos, like an internal HDD/SSD or external USB disk?

  • @manuel

    1. I dont know
    2. Will do
    3. I do not

    Issues were resolved though, i swapped over to eOS

  • @starrider
    As a distro hopper, you seem to miss a great learning opportunity…
    But of course that’s your choice.

  • Its not that I’m missing a great learning opportunity, It’s that im waiting for my new laptop to arrive which should have some of these issues resolved

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