• Dynamic User mystery

    Since three days ago, I have a new user on one of my machines and it’s called Dynamic User. This user has a password, which isn’t one of mine, so I can’t reach it.
    Is this a third party hack or is it something the system does automatically? It’s on my KDE machine btw.

  • Same here. Noticed it a couple of days ago, tried to access it today but unable to do so.

  • @Xler8
    Hmmm, I tried to search for it on internet, but no hits. I have it on all my systems now and I’m suspecting the new Kernel update.

  • I also did internet search with no luck, tried general search, also Archwiki, KDE forums, etc. It could correspond with the recent kernel update, last update was 4.17.4-1 on 2018-07-07. I see there’s version 4.17.5-1 in testing at moment, so maybe it will be fixed when that is released.

  • @bryanpwo
    Does it appear using cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd?
    If so i don’t have it here; i’m not using kde…

  • @fernandomaroto
    No it doesn’t, but it ony appears in the DM.

  • @bryanpwo
    On Xfce I can’t find that user.
    Can you find any more info with command

    cat /etc/passwd | grep -v nologin

    e.g. UID number of that user?

  • @bryanpwo
    Another command to try:

    cat /etc/passwd | grep -i dynamic
  • @bryanpwo
    sddm login manager doesn’t show the user here…

  • I did a test and in Lightdm it isn’t visible, nor in the terminalcommands @manuel and @fernandomaroto gave me. The user isn’t visible in the accounts of the systemsettings. It only appears in sddm next to my avatar. Somehow it reminds me of Macos; within that OS there is a small part reserved for troubleshooting, so it isn’t a user.
    The strange thing is, that if that is the case why can’t I reach it? I’m pretty sure my system isn’t hacked, since @Xler8 has it also and even around the same time.

  • @Bryanpwo

    Hi found this link for you : Read post # 7

    Hope that help

  • @loup001
    Thanks for the link, it still is strange though that it wasn’t visible untill friday. But now I know it is just part of the system, I leave it as it is.

  • @Bryanpwo

    There seem to be a solution for your problem here How to get ‘Dynamic User’ out of your login screen

    Have fun !

  • @bryanpwo

    “Dynamic users” seem to be “not well known” and relatively new feature of systemd: https://lwn.net/Articles/706025/

    If I read that correctly, dynamic users are meant to run some temporary services in systemd instead of a “permanent” user. So it seems to be a planned feature.

    Don’t really know anything about it, but at least at first sight that feature sounds a bit like a potential security risk in my mind. Hopefully I’m totally wrong here.

  • @manuel

    " not well known " and not a lot of documentation …

    So far this is the best explanation i found Introduce with systemd 235 ! ??

  • Thank you all for your reactions, at the moment I’m enjoying the outside life a bit more, but when later this week the weather will turn a bit and then I’m going to dive into this material.

  • Sorry, I meant later this week the weather will turn. (Never answer a forum when slightly tipsy and certainly not on a phone.)

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