• Lid Not Suspending on Closing - Dell Latitude E6410

    Hello, Everyone

    I recently switched from Arch to Antergos in the hopes that the system would actually detect the lid on my laptop closing, and it doesn’t. My laptop appears to recognize that the lid is being opened, but not being closed, although EVTEST doesn’t show any lid activity. I am running on a Dell Latitude E6410 with an i7 720qm.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @alinuxnoob I’m not sure what DE you’re using but on my laptop with KDE you have to go into the power settings and actually check the box for when laptop lid closes what you want it to do. Should have the suspend, hybrid-sleep and power off and hibernate.

  • I’m using Cinnamon, and what you suggested does apply to cinnamon as well, but it didn’t work.

    As a side note, I am pretty confident with my abilities in the terminal (unlike my nickname suggests) so don’t hesitate to give me more advanced suggestions.

  • I’m by no means an expert but I have had this issue before. What kernel are you using? Maybe poke around in /etc/systemd/logind.conf and check in dmesg from terminal for acpi errors. Will it suspend properly from the menu button? I’m sure you’ve already looked at Power management/Suspend and hibernate from the Arch wiki?

  • @delusional Yes, I have looked at the wiki page. I am using kernel 4.17.4-1-ARCH. I have messed with the logind.conf file with no success. The only error I found was this, although I could have missed something:

    [ 100.098142] usbhid 2-1.2:1.2: couldn’t find an input interrupt endpoint

    It is capable of suspension when I either use the option in the menu or when I suspend the computer directly from a Dell shortcut (FN + F1)

  • @alinuxnoob Have you tried the lts kernel to see if it works with suspend? I’m afraid I am at a loss otherwise. Hopefully a forum mod might see this as they’re better at trouble shooting than I am. Hope you get it figured out.

  • The LTS kernel simply doesn’t work. I try booting into it and it gives me all these errors, sending me into emergency mode. I then proceed to boot back into the standard kernel.

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