• Installing or compiling drivers

    I just got a XP-pen Deco 1 graphic drawing tablet.
    I asked the company if they had Linux support and the sent me a beta version of their Linux-driver. But, I have no idea how to get this all to work. Tried some guidelines I found online, but I am a little over my head here. Could anybody help me out here.

    This is a link to the .tar.gz file if you are interested.

    • 1.) 解压 (Jiěyā) = decompression

    • 2.) sudo Pentablet_Driver.sh

    is what the doc says inside…

  • It was not that easy.
    After some trial and error, I got a settings window with just two simple choices: on and off. No customization for the buttons on the tablet.
    I had to open the driver in root to make it work, but could not install it.
    Also, when the window was open, and thus, the driver active, the tablet stopped working.

    So, I contacted the support service of XP-Pen tablet to give feedback on my findings.
    They promised to work on it. It is supposed to work in Ubuntu. The contact person was using it him/her self without a problem.

    I hope they will figure out how to make it work properly. The pentablet works fine, but hope to be able to turn it to left-handed settings.

    Will keep this updated.

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