• OneDrive on WebDav

    I spent the whole evening searching for solutions, but I did not find it.
    Has anyone ever been able to raise the OneDrive by WebDrav?

  • you are sure onedrive supports standard webdav?

    i can see a onedrive client for Linux and also Gnome-Online-Accounts supporting onedrive…

  • In the virtual machine, I connected the WebDav OneDrive on Windows.
    I read the all Internet, except for the darknet. :)
    No solution. They have a webdav that only works on Windows, but it once worked in Kde 4. Gnome-Online-Accounts with Microsoft acc, this is for mail. It doesn’t have OneDrive app or send.
    Is it possible to specify a different folder for synchronization in the application? I have 100 GB on another drive, they need to be uploaded. I move from one cloud to another.

  • https://github.com/skilion/onedrive/blob/master/README.md

    yes you can configure to use another download folder.

  • First run must be from terminal, to get credentials setup running, will give a url, open it in browser and get verified, then copy the url opened then inside browser and paste this back to the terminal prompt.

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